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Trauma to Triumph-
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Greatest Gift to Yourself...."Getting Real"

Art and Writing for Insight into Emotions-
We often either don't know how to express disturbing feelings in constructive ways, or we may have no outlet for our feelings due to circumstances. We may not know what we feel, even if we are fortunate to have a supportive person with whom to share our thoughts. Without some kind of healthy expression, our natural emotions which are neither good nor bad intrinsically, often become inwardly toxic or outwardly destructive. Here is where paper and pen can be a process of release for so-called negative emotions that may be socially unwelcome.
These poems and art are part of my process, my companions almost.  I return to them over and over for clarity and comfort. They remind me and reassure me of who I am. Some of my poems and art may seem very dark, but this isn't about "dwelling" on pain. Pushing bad feelings away doesn't diminish them, it can actually make more powerful. Expressing difficult feelings helps to get them moving and out of one's system. It can cathartic and liberating.  This can work for you too.
(Poems categorized by emotional theme)

Mountain Climber

On Loss and Rebirth

  There is a certain quietude
  in the wake of devastation and loss...
  I mean.after the wailing and crying...
  when the seemingly bottomless
  well of tears
  has dried up from the inside out..
  when the voice is so hoarse
  it can lament no longer..
  And, oh, the physical pain!..
  the body has been
  gripped and slammed and pounded,
  by intolerable sights and sounds,
  intolerable knowledge and images,
  emotions and anguish so much bigger
  than its own dimensions,
  (as inconcievable as a  nuclear blast contained within  a    matchbox).
  But only then,
  in the silence and emptiness
  that engulfs
  the scorched earth,
  sculpted by the wildfires
  of torment and grief, .
  only then,
  within charred remains 
  of cherished hopes and all that was "supposed" to be ...  
  there is a faint and tentative stirring...
  From a deep, deep sleep
  mistaken as death,
  amidst the silent empty landscape,
  there comes an awakening...
  Ignited by the very same fires
  of destruction,
  emerging from the terrible cleansing
  which swept the earth, 
  just as it destroyed,..
  Look, can you see the clearing?
  a space for what is new?
  (yet old as the beginning of time)
  There beneath the scarring crust, 
  within the broken heart...
  There lies the tender germ of true becoming.



People… faces…. milling by,

We are clearly not the same.

Longing for touch,

I want way too much,

(I cease to exist without connection).

My need is too great,

such unbearable ache,

that hungers for true affection.

The chasm between

may be misjudged or unseen,

but I can never forget its meaning.

Knowing naught of my hell,

yet they’re trying to sell,

a life to me so demeaning.

The language they speak,

with tongue tucked in cheek,

words so cleverly misleading.

Seeing through eyes that distort the truth

to what they find most pleasing.

Will they ever honor this world of mine,

not insist I remain within their lines

and their narrow way of being?

If the greatest truth unfurled

upon the alter of their so (im)perfect world

and threatened their way of seeing,

they’d turn away and rue the day

that they had a glimpse of what

might be most freeing.


On Longing-

If Flowers Cried

Petals stiffly clenched from long wintry darkness, half formed bud weeps with joy at rumours of the sun. '11

What Was Lost

Honor the sweet longing

that runs so deep,

honor the ache inside

that never leaves,

reminding always of something lost,

so bottomless, wide and steep..

And for what was lost

but never quite posessed..

a perfection at least imagined

if not perhaps so real....

of that dream, i can attest.




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