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Facing Demons
Sacred Quest
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Greatest Gift to Yourself...."Getting Real"

When we are able to identify and face what we fear most in life, then we develop true self respect. What we repress, hide from or deny, we allow to control us.  Only when we can gaze upon and understand the most frightening things within ourselves, not just things that we fear or condemn around us, can we then have a positive effect on them. 

I spent most of my life being afraid. Actually not afraid, but absolutely terrified. It has taken much work to be able to look at the Medusa of my fears and not be turned to stone as the myth describes. Little by little the work was done until finally I am now able to summon strength in the face of darkness.  Writing and drawing has  been a powerful tool in accomplishing this.

On Parent Issues~


For his dark pleasures…

Perhaps she will be a rare blossom

Petals unfurling at his beckoning

To be placed in an antique vase

(or Dixie cup)

Exalted, then defiled.


For his deepest hungers…

She may become a wraith,

A thin vapor escaping from his lips

In frosty air of night.

For his terrible secrets…

Secrets for which there are no words,

She will be immortalized

In a silent never-ending sleep

A sleep that give no release from pain

From which there is no awakening.

She is the chosen.

The most beloved.

The unquestioning.

The sacrifice.


Prisoner in a World of Thorns


Invisible Us

No bruises nor scars that would reveal

Our anguished hearts which may never heal.

Only our soundless screams and voiceless pain

might tell of childhoods ravaged, innocents blamed,


Unseen wounds bleed within, we who dare not feel..

Many of us, unwitting fuel for that eternal spinning wheel.




Trying to Step Into Tomorrow

For those who have no tomorrows

There is no routine.

There is only today and all the time before today.

A series of days - each

without a future.

When finally there is a tomorrow,

(even if not yet beyond)

there comes a suffered yet comforting

sense of order,

A knowing I will do this same thing tomorrow.

Lulling the senses

into efficiency, into habit,

it frightens me.

What is this gear in which others

navigate smoothly through their days?

How does one stay awake and alive

when living is an unquestioned, no-thought repetition,

stretching ahead into tomorrow?

....while I am still perplexed by the

elusiveness of life at each and every moment.


Complexity Theory


Styx & Stones

Words do have power to destroy.

Even quietly spoken...

words can obliterate,

words can bewilder.

These words, exploding in my head.

Words that anhilate all sense of "me".

The reasonableness of daily life,

the sense of rightness of things-

gone, gone, gone... in an instant.

You see, I have been undone.

A loose thread pulled by cruel fingers

the very fabric of me,

so laboriously woven by my trembling hands,

now lies in a chaotic heap.

I am condemned by a total sense of contradiction

all of me that has led to this moment,

simply unraveled in an instant by words...

The words of someone who loves me above all others.


On Predator-Prey Relationship


Dark haunted eyes,

Those luminous prey eyes,

Unblinking, mesmerized,

The rabbit is frozen, motionless..

Not even a quivering whisker

betrays the frantically beating heart....

Already lost to its ill-fated embrace.

The most intimate, yes the ultimate..

Serpent caress –

As predator and prey become one.

Inner Vision Art  by Susan Kennedy Stafford
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