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"Colorful" Boston Characters!

Hello, welcome to this site! Web sites usually start with an introduction of some sort, so here is something relevant about me... DOGS IN MY LIFE~Dogs have been central for me since I was 8 or 9 years old. Their canine influence has permeated every aspect of my life.. in my jobs, hobbies, sports and relationships. I have always been extremely interested in dog-related subjects and continue to learn at every opportunity. You may have come to this site because you want a Boston, or have one already and are just curious, or maybe you are still learning and havent decided if its the right breed for you. In any case, I intended this site to be more than just is meant to be informative, objective, and helpful, BREED TEMPERAMENTS~ If you havent decided on a breed yet, this is important! Each breed has its purpose, what it was bred to do or be. That purpose shapes the breed's temperament, characteristics, trainabilty and adaptability. It is more obvious that it would affect the breed's appearance, ie. 'form follows function', but it is equally true of the breed's could say, temperament follows type. Never overlook the importance of the breed's original purpose when selecting a pet! CHOOSE A BOSTON? Here are some good reasons to choose this breed~ Certain breeds were created for companionship only, so they are extremely well suited for that purpose. Bostons have been bred just as wonderful pets for a long time. But..there is no perfect or best breed! Each person has different needs and preferences and, like people, dogs within each breed are individuals too. For many people, Bostons are among the best possible choices, and will bring great joy and satisfaction. They are tremendously people-loving dogs, affectionate, tolerant, forgiving, playful, active and full of fun. This makes them very well suited for families with children. ADVANTAGES to the breed~Bostons are good watch dogs and are more likely to bark than to ever bite. Although they do shed, their short, sleek coat makes shedding minimal. Bostons are eager to please, very alert and playful. Training is fun with this breed, not a tedious chore. They are very food motivated so using treats as an intermittant reward to reinforce desired behavior is very effective. A can of cheez whiz can come in handy. NOT A BOSTON? Reasons to not choose this breed~ Every breed has its weaknesses. Temperament problems that you might run into differ from breed-to-breed. Bostons have terrier and bulldog breeds in their background. Thus they can sometimes be quarrelsome with other dogs, especially over food. It's best to feed dogs seperately. More than one of the same sex sometimes won't get along, especially males..but that can be true in most breeds. Their heritage also predisposes them to chewing things; they can be somewhat destructive if left to their own devices. Keep toys and chewies in good supply, teach early what to chew on and what is forbidden. With the Bulldog influence they can be a bit singleminded and stubborn sometimes. Some Bostons are quite active, sometimes in excess. CHOOSING A PUPPY~There is so much that goes into choosing the right breed and the right puppy. This is just a few highlights. If you are getting a pup shipped, you must rely totally on the seller to give a picture of the pup's nature. Ask the right questions. What has the breeder observed about the pup's interaction with littermates? Does the pup monopolize the food bowl and not let the other pups eat? Demanding to get attention? Is the pup in the middle of lots of little puppy squabbles? Or, is it the last to eat, rolls on its back all the time? Ears always folded, comes slowly when called, hesitant? These questions help determine dominance or submission. A very dominant puppy is a handful for those without much training experience. It will try to take control. A very submissive one will require encouragement, patience and may be even be "pee dribbler". For most people, in between is best. High energy pups attract people, they're fun. They're great if you want an activity pal, but can be troublesome if not getting a workout daily. If noise is an issue in your life, ask if pup barks/cries alot compared to others. Such pups usually become noisy adults. Most Puppies tend to be a bit noisy, especially when left alone. Finally, if you have any requests for specific subjects to be addressed here, please let me know! I will choose subjects to write about now and then.. health, training, breeding etc. .
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1/1/00 - Started site

"Rudy" Red


"Mascara" Fawn with slight masking (around eyes) 

Hard-to-find Blue Boston
Blue Puppy 3 months "Shadow"

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